The Importance of Farm Field Boundaries

Jun 4, 2024

This week Taylor Geospatial Engine is honored to share a blog note from one of our core partners in the Innovation Bridge Field Boundaries initiative, Radiant Earth Foundation.

“One of our major initiatives this year has been to support the Taylor Geospatial Engine’s first Innovation Bridge program, which is a program designed to accelerate commercialization of geospatial research efforts. In this first iteration of the Innovation Bridge program, we are working to accelerate the practical usage of farm field boundary data by advancing the methods behind creating a global scale field boundaries dataset.

Our work has largely centered on the development of a common data schema for field boundary data that we call fiboa and which we’ve blogged about extensively on the Cloud-Native Geospatial Foundation blog. We are in the process of converting public field boundary data into cloud-native formats that adhere to the fiboa standard which you can see by tracking the fiboa tag on Source Cooperative.

This project has given us a good opportunity to demonstrate how Radiant Earth’s initiatives work together – the Cloud-Native Geospatial Foundation is where we work with our community to figure out how to produce more useful data, and Source is where you can see what useful data looks like in practice. This post is going to explain why this matters, because Radiant Earth’s role is to identify the areas where improved access to data can enable cooperation on important global challenges.”

Read the full blog note on the Radiant Earth website.